About us

ACUPARI was founded in Cusco in 1990 as a non-profit association. But what is so special about our German-Peruvian cultural institution right in Cusco's historical center?


For one thing, the language school. 

At ACUPARI you will not stumble upon a multitude of Spanish students from all over the world. Rather, you will meet many young Peruvians studying German with us. They mostly work in tourism and are very culturally open minded.


For another, the atmosphere. 

If you feel comfortable, learning is easy. A beautiful colonial building houses our school in a homely atmosphere. Our teachers adjust to the needs of every student individually. Whether chatting in the coffee break, going on unforgettable day trips, salsa dancing, or attending cultural events and activities in Cusco, you will never get bored, and there will always be someone at your side to assist and help you with any questions or problems you might have.


And the official framework...

ACUPARI is a partner institution of the Goethe-Institut, officially licensed to conduct German examinations. For many years, ACUPARI has been a member of the Tandem Fundazioa in Spain, and now most recently of TANDEM International. ACUPARI is recommended by the German Embassy in Lima and the German Federal Foreign Office. The honorary consul of Germany in Cusco, Maria Jürgens de Hermoza, as well as the honorary consul of Austria in Cusco are part of our team. Thanks to their long experience in consular matters in Peru, international projects and intercultural cooperation, they provide comprehensive and competent support during your stay. 



of course, it takes two to Tandem!

Tandem is a conversation method involving two students with different mother tongues. One helps the other to learn his native language, and vice versa. One of our Peruvian students will be your Tandem partner and will  help you to improve your Spanish and feel at home in Cusco.


Cultural events...

whether organized in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, on our own initiative or working hand in hand with Peruvian Institutions or artists – cultural events are often rather short lived, unfortunately. In order to make a sustainable contribution, we have taken on a special challenge...


Our Children's Book Project

ACUPARI supports small schools in remote Andean villages since 2006, which often lack graphic and written materials for their classes. Our project „Books for 70 schools in the Andes“ is about reading promotion in rural areas, but also to motivate local story tellers to write more. We are currently working on the publication of our fifth Spanish-Quechua picture storybook for children. The project is financed by donations, language courses and the contributions of our language students.



ACUPARI has its own library. Next to an extensive collection of books and magazines in Spanish and German, we also have interesting travel information on Peru, which you can borrow.




Our language courses Spanish and Quechua

Spanish while travelling
Spanish crash course in Cusco. Private individual lessons or with your partner or friend. Learn basic and useful Spanish for everyday conversations.
DELE Preparation Course
DELE means “Diploma del Español como Lengua Extranjera”. In ACUPARI we offer preparation courses for the DELE exams in one-to-one lessons.
Quechua Taster Course
Your taster course to get to know one of Peru’s indigenous languages! Learn basic Quechua in Cusco to put a friendly smile on local people’s faces.
Quechua Intensive Course
Learn the Inca language with our Quechua Intensive Course. It is the most spoken indigenous language in South America and quite fascinating!
Spanish Intensive Course + 6
Even more Spanish courses in Cusco! On top of morning classes, choose your own afternoon schedule in our Spanish Intensive Course + 6.
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