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First things first: ACUPARI is not a Quechua word!

Behind the acronym lies our German-Peruvian cultural institution in Cusco

ACUPARI - Asociación Cultural Peruano Alemana de la Región Inca


Inside a wonderful Spanish colonial building in the middle of the historical center of Cusco, together with patio and fountain, lies the ACUPARI Language School. The blend of colonial and Inca architecture, ancient traditions as well as impressions on the indigenous, colonial and modern coexistence in a sociocultural context is as palpable and visible in Cusco as hardly anywhere else. Amid this diversity, our Spanish, German and Quechua language school is a place for intercultural encounters and understanding. 


We are recommended by the German Embassy in Lima and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. ACUPARI is examination licensed by the Goethe-Institut, of which it is also a partner. 

ACUPARI is a member of the school network TANDEM International. 


The honorary consuls of Germany and Austria in Cusco are part of our management team. A competent point of contact thanks to their long experience in consular matters in Peru as well as in international cooperation.


In the 28 years of ACUPARI, we have welcomed many international visitors, delegations, Spanish students and interns who've had many unforgettable experiences with us in Cusco. And often, a "see you again soon", an "I'll come back" have become reality years later. 


ACUPARI is recommended by the German Embassy in Lima and the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. 


Our cultural institution is a partner of the Goethe-Institut.


And a member of the school network TANDEM International.


ACUPARI supports its Children's Book Project with its language courses.




Our language courses Spanish and Quechua

Spanish while travelling
Spanish crash course in Cusco. Private individual lessons or with your partner or friend. Learn basic and useful Spanish for everyday conversations.
Quechua Taster Course
Your taster course to get to know one of Peru’s indigenous languages! Learn basic Quechua in Cusco to put a friendly smile on local people’s faces.
DELE Preparation Course
DELE means “Diploma del Español como Lengua Extranjera”. In ACUPARI we offer preparation courses for the DELE exams in one-to-one lessons.
Quechua Intensive Course
Learn the Inca language with our Quechua Intensive Course. It is the most spoken indigenous language in South America and quite fascinating!
Spanish Intensive Course
Our Peruvian teachers respond to individual needs to improve your Spanish efficiently. Practice even more with a Peruvian Tandem partner!
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