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Since 2006, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide children from the poorer villages around Cusco with valuable and suitable literature and promote literacy in rural areas. The hardcover books are financed by donations from friends and students and distributed to schools in the surroundings of Cusco completely free of charge. Our goal is to help small children develop an affinity towards reading and encourage them to write down their own stories.


Our project has grown in popularity since then, and we receive many enquiries about children literature works. The books are written in both Spanish and Quechua, which is especially valuable to Andean schools where the language of the Incas is still part of everyday life. We have already published four books, and the fifth in the series is scheduled to be published in 2019. We have launched a story competition between Peruvian storytellers for this next book, and best children's story will go to press and be awarded a prize.


As the printing process is costly, we kindly ask for donations for the edition of our next book. Every donation is confirmed with an officially recognized donation receipt. 


Story writing competition for the new book

It's time again. ACUPARI has launched a story writing competition for the creation of the fifth children's book. We were looking for a story of no more than 800 to 1 000 words, written for children between 8 to 12 years of age. Young or adult Peruvian writers who have not yet had any work published were eligible. 


A very special thank you goes to the association "Zahnärzte Helfen e.V." for their generous donation, which has made the story competition possible. 


March 2019: 190 stories and a winner!

We are pleased to announce that we already have a winner! Ms Melissa Ivette Dávila Tipiani has submitted her beautiful story, "Pillpintu", for which she earned the prize of 5 000 Peruvian Soles. We will work together to publish her story in our upcoming book for Andean children. 




Our Children's Book Project

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