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In 2006, the German-Peruvian cultural association in Cusco, ACUPARI, started the “Libro Infantil” project to promote lecture in children from rural areas of Andean communities, where didactic material of child literature is scarce. With the support of many friends and students of ACUPARI, we initiated the project by editing a book called “Johann” in Spanish, which was subsequently distributed free of charge to 70 elementary schools in the region of Cusco.


One year later, in May 2007, ACUPARI made a call for regional children’s stories. The response exceeded all expectations: 89 participants competed in the contest’s literary creation phase, and 14 artists presented their illustrations.

The winner was Cusquenian author and artist Braddy Romero Ricalde with his tale “Catalina y la Unkuña Mágica”. This beautiful story teaches us how “Text” and “textiles” are linked, and is narrated in both Quechua and Spanish. ACUPARI had 2000 high quality copies printed -all hardcovers and sewn by hand- and delivered them to children in high Andean villages. The third book came out in 2012, this time packed with 3 fascinating stories under the title “Los Cuentos de mi Abuela” (The tales of my grandmother) narrated in Quechua by an elderly Cusquenian Woman. Those 3 stories are also accompanied by illustrations of our talented artist Braddy Romero Ricalde. This year ACUPARI distributed a fourth book about a love relationship between a hummingbird and an Andean flower, the Kantu to more than 50 elementary schools in the region of Cusco.


Thanks to the donations and contributions of our international students, we will deliver these beautiful lectures written in Spanish and Quechua to numerous rural schools in distant Andean provinces. ACUPARI dedicates these bilingual books to Peruvian children in the hope that its stories and illustrations will encourage them to narrate, draw, and create their own experiences and fantasies.



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