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Elias Sinaiko

I really enjoyed taking Spanish classes at ACUPARI! I liked how open and accommodating the learning environment was. The professors had infinite patience and it was great how each class moved at its own pace according to the level and comprehension of the students. Todo bien!


Julia Meilan

ACUPARI was a really great way to learn Spanish and so was being immersed in the culture for a month. This has taught me so much and I want continue taking Spanish classes and traveling the world.


Elodie Linck

I have an incredible time here in Cusco. My accommodation have been wonderful and I loved getting to know our host parents. The classes were extremely informative and productive. Both of my teachers were very helpful, kind and making class fun and stress free. I loved the style of classes filled with speaking, listening and writing. Thank you!


Anthe Shore

I really enjoyed seeing different parts of the city with my tandem, and all conversation in Spanish is good practice. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience.


James Carpenter

Everything exceeded my expectations. I especially appreciated the classes were taught in Spanish. My host family could not be nicer nor more accommodating. They were in a word: Fantastic! It has been an unique experience I won’t soon forget.


Maureen Davidson

ACUPARI provided an extraordinary context with in which to learn Spanish and to learn about the history and culture of Peru. I highly recommend it.

Student voices

Our language courses Spanish and Quechua

DELE Preparation Course
DELE means “Diploma del Español como Lengua Extranjera”. In ACUPARI we offer preparation courses for the DELE exams in one-to-one lessons.
Quechua Taster Course
Your taster course to get to know one of Peru’s indigenous languages! Learn basic Quechua in Cusco to put a friendly smile on local people’s faces.
Spanish while travelling
Spanish crash course in Cusco. Private individual lessons or with your partner or friend. Learn basic and useful Spanish for everyday conversations.
Quechua Intensive Course
Learn the Inca language with our Quechua Intensive Course. It is the most spoken indigenous language in South America and quite fascinating!
Spanish Intensive Course
Our Peruvian teachers respond to individual needs to improve your Spanish efficiently. Practice even more with a Peruvian Tandem partner!
Language School in Cusco Peru
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