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Tandem® Conversation

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TANDEM® - practice with Peruvian Language partners


Conversation is a valuable vehicle where you and your tandem partner advance your language learning via a partnership. It is an interactive language learning method, which involves two people from different language and culture backgrounds to practice and build language skills that create a bridge bringing their languages and countries closer.


The fundamental idea of Tandem® conversation is simple: "I help you to learn my language, you help me to learn yours, and we learn to understand each other". By practicing and speaking together each other's languages, both partners in the tandem learn and develop the new language.


Complementary to your language program, Tandem® conversation becomes an integral method, which helps create a forum for intercultural understanding and incorporates the social-cultural background in the learning process. It´s optional and free!




You decide whether you would like additional practice time apart from your languages classes. If so, let ACUPARI know and you will be matched with a Tandem® partner.


Tandem® Conversation Intermediation:


What you have to do to be matched with the right Tandem conversation partner...

  • On day ONE of classes, you fill out a form to tell us about your interests. On day TWO, right after your classes, you are introduced to your Tandem partner.
  • “When and Where”: You and your Tandem® conversation partner agree on the place, time and frequency of your meetings what is best for both of you!
  • For a successful Tandem® experience you and your partner will be given some tips and examples of how to best use the tandem conversation.





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