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A Quechua course to dive in and discover


If you are traveling in the Andes, just a few words in Quechua is sure to put a friendly smile on local people’s faces.


Quechua is more a spoken language than it is a written language. Just as the Incas lacked a writing system, most of today's Quechua speakers do not write down their thoughts on paper in Quechua. On top of that, there are many dialects of this ancient language all over the Andes.


Natives in Ayacucho, for example, use different words and phrases that are uncommon and even unknown in Cusco. 


Courses start:

Any time


€ 24,- per module (2 lessons) one-to-one


€ 12,- per module (2 lessons) per person, for pairs in a small grup


Our language courses help us support our Children´s Book Project.



Quechua Taster Course

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