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One to One Quechua Standard course in Cusco - 20 hours / week (1 lesson = 50 minutes)

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US$ 400,- 780,- 1080,- 1450,-

Quechua is a native language that is widely spoken in the Andes and the official language of the old Inca Empire. 


Quechua classes are only available on a one-to-one basis at our language school in Cusco, Peru. The starting date is flexible.


To put what you have learned in your Quechua class into practice, you will spend some of your Quechua tuition time outside of the classroom, for example visiting the markets in Cusco or a village community in the Andes with your teacher.


In your free time you can practice Quechua with your Peruvian Tandem partner, but also in your Peruvian host family.! Send us your registration early enough, so that we can organize a host family of "quechua native speakers“ for you.




Living with a Peruvian family in Cusco per week US$ 154,- / US$ 22,-
Private room with bathroom, breakfast, lunch and Wi-Fi


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