Quechua Intensive Course

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You should have a good grasp of basic Spanish to take this course.


Quechua is the fascinating indigenous language of the Andes. Did you know that there are quite a few Quechua loan words in English? Coca, lama, puma and condor have Quechua origins. Quechua speakers call their language Runasimi, from runa, "human", and simi, "mouth", "word".


It was not until the 16th century that Dominican monk Fray Domingo de Santo Tomás compiled the grammar and vocabulary of a language that only existed in oral speech. Today, the Academia Mayor de la Lengua Quechua (Highest Academy of the Quechua Language) is concerned with its written form, and there are a number of Quechua dictionaries online.


Our quechua course is only available in private one-to-one classes. However, if you're travelling with a friend or partner, you can study Quechua together in a small partner group class, and with an individual time schedule.


If desired, we will also take you to places around Cusco where Quechua is prominent after the second course week.


For more practice out of the classroom you have the opportunity to meet with a Peruvian who speaks Quechua. As Tandem partners you are free to meet whenever and wherever you want to learn from each other's language. In addition, you are of course welcome to our free  Salsa classes, movie nights, road trips and to our intercultural Café on Friday nights. 


Courses start

Any time


Time schedule

20 lessons per week, 50 minutes each

Monday to Friday from 09:10 am to 12:50 pm

Coffee break every day in-between lessons, with local snacks, hot drinks, the traditional coca tea and more.



In EURO €   Partner group One-to-one
per week 20 lessons 160,00 280,00


Individual Schedule per day

In EURO €   Partner group one-to-one 
on the day 2 lessons 18,00 30,00
on the day 4 lessons 35,00 60,00


Prices include many of our additional services, such as salsa classes, outdoor trips, Tandem partner match-making, movie nights and more. 


We recommend you stay in one of our Peruvian host families for a deeper insight into daily life in Cusco.


Our language courses help us support our Children´s Book Project.

Quechua Intensive Course

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