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Machu Picchu Cusco Spanish

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There truly is no better way to develop your language skills and cultural knowledge than by immersing yourself into local life through living with a Peruvian family while learning Spanish or Quechua at ACUPARI here in Cusco.


Living with a Peruvian family per week € 119,-
Private room with bathroom, breakfast, lunch and Wi-Fi




Living with a host family

Our Peruvian host families are carefully chosen. Your host family will be experienced at and enjoy taking care of you. The family welcomes you to their home in Cusco as a family member: The will provide you with a comfortable place to stay, delicious food and the opportunity to be immersed into speaking the Spanish or Quechua language and the Peruvian culture right from the start.


All families offer their guests single rooms with private bathroom. There is also a landline connection to make sure you can receive home calls and many families also have wi-fi. Normally breakfast and lunch are included, however, if you feel for example like exploring the city right after class with your class mates or your Tandem, just let your family know and your lunch will be kept for you for dinner. We normally make sure that you are the only language student living with your host family to give you the maximum benefit of practicing your freshly learned Spanish.


If you want to visit Cusco with your partner or your family though, we can also arrange accommodation for more than one person.




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