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Machu Picchu Cusco Spanish

Special offer 3 months | Volunteering in Cusco, Peru

Spanish & Volunteering


3 months Spanish course and volunteering Peru intensive

for only US$ 2.180,00

  • 4 weeks Spanish course in our language school in Cusco (standard, mini group)
  • 8 weeks of volunteering in Cusco
  • host family (with half-board while taking the language course; with breakfast while volunteering)
  • unique ACUPARI bonus: conversation training with a Peruvian Tandem®-partner

FREE Activities Included


Volunteering in Cusco, Peru

We have been cooperating with these Peruvian Institutions for years. Decide for yourself which one suits you best for your volunteering experience. Already while doing your Spanish course in Cusco, you will get to know the institution you have chosen. Should you have second thoughts: A change is still possible. We deal with every application individually and try to take all your personal preferences into consideration.


Important for students: Straight after registration, we send you a letter of acceptance confirming your volunteer work placement.


And last but not least...

the honorary consuls of Germany and Austria are part of our team in our cultural institute and language school in Cusco. Thanks to their long experience with consular affairs, international project work and intercultural cooperation, you will always find someone competent and trustworthy to speak to.



It takes two to ride a Tandem! In a Tandem two different native speakers learn a foreign language meeting in order to help each other advance their language skills.


On your second day at ACUPARI we will introduce you to a Peruvian language student: your Tandem-partner. But Tandem conversation training is not a bilingual mix, the languages are practiced separately. When you speak Spanish, your Peruvian Tandem-partner helps you, when speaking your native language, you help your Tandem. And all this does not take place in a class room, but outside on the streets of Cusco or wherever you feel comfortable.



Our cultural association
is a partner of the
Member of the Tandem Fundazioa

and is recommended by the German Embassy in Lima and the German foreign ministry.

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