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Women's refuge in Cusco

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This non-profit supporting organization is an NGO (non-governmental organization). The facility, a house with patio, is in a suburb of Cusco about a 30-minute bus-ride away from the city center. In this home, young mothers between 13 and 18 years with babies or small children are received and being cared for. These mothers come from very poor backgrounds and were sexually abused. Mainly about 40 small children and up to 20 mothers live here. During their stay the mothers have the opportunity to graduate from school, they are being trained in workshops and receive psychological and medical attendance as well as legal consultation and assistance.


The goal is to prepare the young mothers for an independent life and to strengthen their self-esteem. Even after the young women have left the home they continue to receive support and keep in touch with the employees.


Participation of interns: Social workers, kindergarteners, physiotherapists, anybody with social work experience and empathy who enjoys creative participation

Period: All year – minimum of 2 months on 5 weekdays

Either in the morning or in the afternoon


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